We Also Provide Assistance in the Following Areas to the General Public
Sponsor orphanage homes and set up task force to monitor them to ensure children are being treated right and receiving the basic necessities they need.

We assist in the building of schools projects, hospitals, clinics and public libraries

We organize monthly soup kitchen & goodies to feed the hungry (Last Saturday of each month)

Single parents’ assistance

Community outreach to motivate the youth

Special assistance to orphans, disabled and the blind

Free healthcare supplies to hospitals and clinics

Free ambulance service to the seriously sick to a nearby hospitals

Clean-up activities in communities and hospitals

Enrolling individuals in vocational trainings in any field of their choice

Free provisions like clothing, home items, food items and trading items

Homeless outreach provision of shelter and accommodation including areas where people need improvement in their lifestyle.

Assistance for school dropout and help them get back to school.

We believe every person is equally deserving of our help, because everyone is equally in need of God’s grace.

Typically, the underprivileged find some measure of comfort here at TADMI day by day as we provide friendship, food, shelter, and hope.

Everyone who turns to TADMI for help is treated with love and kindness – we want to demonstrate in our dignity and respect towards our fellow human beings that they are deeply loved and valued by God.

In order for the underprivileged to feel comfortable coming to us for help, our well trained staff always treats everyone with respect and dignity free of charge.

We believe that, if we help the beneficiaries of TADMI to archive success in life. They would eventually turn around and help others in need. In doing so, the cycle of poverty would ultimately be eliminated. Our vision is to see the underprivileged achieve education and better standard of living for a better future.

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