As it is part of our mission to organize clean up exercise, feeding the hungry and many more. We have regular monthly activities that our monthly volunteers can sign up for. There are various opportunities for students in elementary school, Junior and Senior high schools and beyond. Many of these positions require little or no special skills, and they’ll require only a little bit of energy and time.

The amount of time spent at TADMI Inc. is up to the every individual. Some volunteering jobs are a one-time deal for a few hours, but others involve a more long-term commitment. Regardless of the volunteer’s skill level or availability, there are plenty of positions available — you just have to know where you are interested to volunteer.

For information on how you can locate a volunteer opportunities at TADMI Inc. and in your neighborhood feel free to fill out the contact forms and someone will get right back to you to discuss areas both of us can help each other.

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