Mr. Daniel Affum-Darkwah is the founder and general overseer of all TADMI’s activists worldwide. He is a great leader with leadership as an example qualities and a great vision for all mankind. Daniel is a man of good character & integrity, all those who knows him and has worked with him can testify about his spirit of excellence, hardworking ability, humbleness and generosity.

TADMI Inc understands that, many people want to give to support in charity work, but are pessimistic if their donation will get to the needy. Through technology, we are able to monitor staff activities worldwide to eliminate system of abuse and corruption. TADMI works with people that has the passion to see the needy achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

TADMI Inc. can assure you that, your donation will fulfill it purpose. We fear God and belief that; the wages of sin is death. Our passion to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of the needy supersedes all worldly possessions. The needy need a faithful mediator between them and those giving willingly to help them. Such a faithful mediator is TADMI Inc. TADMI Inc is a zero Tolerance of corruption and under no circumstance would you see any executive member of TADMI Inc. living a lavish lifestyle. Our lifestyle is an example of our commitment and faithfulness to what we do. There is no need to ride in an expensive vehicle or live in a big house, whiles many people are suffering all over the world. That is our value.

At TADMI Inc., We are honest, trustworthy and reliable therefore do not hesitate, Believe in us, Trust us and GIVE to support a worthy cause.   Call us to pick up your used cloths and items. May God double whatever you give today to support TADMI Inc. May He Open Windows of heavens unto you and may He make you the head and never the tail. Amen

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