Our Mission


We: The Affum-Darkwah Mission International (TADMI) Inc. is a Non Profit; Non-Governmental Organization based Tema-Ghana and NJ-USA
Dedicated: To the general progress and Welfare of the all Humankind beneficial to the poor and underprivileged in our society.
Inspired: By a common determination to promote better life for poor and all human beings created on earth.
Conscious: Of the common destiny and believe that, every person is equally deserving of our help, because everyone is equally in need of God’s grace and mandate.
Responsive: To the need of the poor and underprivileged by education them and providing them with a better life.

: Is to alleviate the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds, from people and to see their lives transformed to hope, joy and lasting prosperity.
GOAL: To help transform people’s lives and to end the cycle of poverty in Africa.
MOTTO: Providing Hope to the Needy and Caring for the Orphans. (PHONCO)
VISION: To see the underprivileged achieve education and be self-sufficient.
QUOTE: If you judge people, you have no time to love them (by Mother Teresa)

Vision and Goal
Our vision and goal is to see the underprivileged achieve education and better standard of living. TADMI Inc. main focus is assist the underprivileged, orphans, and those most at risk by providing a loving, nurturing, non-judgmental environment and spreading the word of Jesus Christ our Lord. We do this by providing hope to the homeless and underprivileged through programs designed to meet their individual physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. We employ many well trained volunteers who help us in divers’ ways.

TADMI Inc. believes that, we are all created equally by God and we are to excel to achieve Gods given talent on earth. God has a purpose for each and every individual on earth, but without the proper support and direction one’s life can be meaningless. We put hope into people’s lives and reassure them to believe in themselves because TADMI Inc. is here to help them succeed by the vision and directions given to us by God.



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