Everybody who turns to TADMI for help has to go through a free registration process. TADMI will perform a thorough background check to make sure those who apply really need help. To avoid people abusing and taking advantage of the system, all orphanages, schools, hospitals and other NGO’s who wants to work with TADMI will go through a registration process.

When TADMI helps an Orphanage, School, hospital or an NGO, they set up an agreement and expectation with them. TADMI expects that, those they help are treated with respect and dignity and that they receive the help they need with no strings attached. TADMI organizes local and foreign volunteers on a regular basis to go and visit any of these institutions to inspect their activities and volunteer with them.

TADMI also works with, food sellers, restaurants, Department stores, Mechanics, Seamstress, Hairdressers, Carpenters and many others to help feed and train individuals that have registered with TADMI for help at a discounted prices or contracts. As compensation, TADMI will also help these managers with imported equipments and other incentives to expand their shops or trade to train more people sent by TADMI. It’s a win- win, situation to help the needy.

Everybody who receives assistance from TADMI will have a file (physical and online) to record his/her progress report in life, and to record the type of assistance given at each visit. If TADMI hears a registered client has committed a crime, broken the law or committed any misdemeanor, it goes on his or her records and it limits the number of assistance given to that person. TADMI utilizes volunteers to make regular in-house visits to see how these individuals, orphanage homes, schools, hospitals and other NGOs are doing.

TADMI wants to see improvement in the lives of people to acknowledge the difference being made. If nothing changes in one’s life, then, something else must be done. No stone goes unturned, and everyone is accountable for their own actions. This is the only way TADMI can accomplish its goal to end the cycle of poverty. Thus, doing things differently;

If at any time, an individual or institution does not want TADMI to record their activities, they have every right to opt out from its program at any time. It will however take over 5 years for that individual or institution to re-register with TADMI. The longer you stay with TADMI with good records, the better your chances are to get more assistance for whatever you do.

One person at a time, one orphanage, school or hospital at a time, we can achieve our goals and vision. This is how TADMI wants to do it. It may sound complicated and unachievable, but we are trusting God. Plans will be laid for generations to follow the same route to improve life for all. It may take time, but we will get there.

If at any time you do not understand any of TADMI’s activities, or want more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone at anytime.

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