Looking at the circumstances and number of people, orphanages, schools and hospitals that need help in Ghana and beyond; it will be beyond human understanding that, TADMI can accomplish this goal, even though some other NGOs are also doing their part. But one thing that Mr. Affum-Darkwah believes is that, there is nothing IMPOSIBLE for GOD. If it is God’s will, TADMI will succeed. That is why Daniel has adopted the saying “WE RELY ON GOD” as TADMI’s theme and on all its publications.

Daniel started by telling his friends about his vision to end poverty in Africa. Some discouraged him; some said it was a good idea but will never support it, while others pledged to help in one way or the other. He started collecting used cloths, books, home items and anything he thinks will be beneficial to the needy in Ghana. Useful things that people will just throw away, Daniel found it useful for the under-privileged somewhere in Africa. He travels long distances to pick up donated items from people’s homes, stores them in a rented warehouse and ships them to Africa when he’s got enough.

In Ghana, the items are counted and stored in the warehouse. Everything that is given or donated to anyone by TADMI is recorded as to who gives it out, who receives it, for what reason, date, time and initials. That is why we have a database system that keeps information on donations and disbursements in the client’s files for accurate record keeping and accountability.

The response to monetary donations has been very discouraging but Daniel and his wife Rita are determined not to give up. Thus, they organized fundraising activities to raise funds to support their efforts. They are pulling the bull by the horn with their income and any support they receive to get TADMI going.

Through their effort, an office and warehouse has been built in Ghana as their starting point. A website and an online database system has been created to keep records of individuals and institutions that wants to work with TADMI.

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