It is said that, the beauty of a purpose can only be seen at its maturity. As TADMI strives to achieve its goal and purpose, We need committed and dedicated people to serve on the board to propel the VISION FORWARD. This is a lifetime opportunity for future growth and development, a sustainable career and above all “Making a Difference” in the life of people who need it most. It takes one person to conceive a dream, but it will take many talented individuals to accomplish that dream. Won’t you be part of TADMI?

To be a Gold Member, You must first of all, have the passion to help people. Then make a free will donation in any amount of your choice to boost TADMI. You must also be a source of information, energy driven, wisdom, action and dedication. Aside from directing, you must be willing to be involved in fundraising ideas and activities. You must bring some influence to help raise money for the organization to function. TADMI depends largely on donations to keep moving FORWARD, therefore, board members must bring in ideas together to function efficiently and effectively for one purpose. Gold members must also be willing to travel occasionally, locally and internationally, to areas we serve and must be continues financial contributors to TADMI Inc. to prove that, you trust in the organization.

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